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The Big Me and The Pygmy by Madam X

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This sweet little book offers, in just a few wonderful pages, a valuable lesson on the importance of each and every human being. The book is printed letterpress in the author's hand on French Speckletone paper, based on an original design by Madam X. The color is gouache applied by hand using pochoir, a French stenciling process with a long history, in which color is pounded into the paper with stiff brushes.

The book is bound in a softcover wrap, letterpress printed and pochoir colored, just like the text pages. The colored lettering on the cover is watercolor, applied by brush. We bound the books in a stitch that calls to mind Madam X's calligraphic insignia, in red linen thread. Madam X painstakingly signed each copy, and though we signed them, too, our signatures are not nearly as beautiful as hers.

The Big Me and The Pygmy was printed in an edition of 125 copies. Beautifully simple. $48 for the regular edition, but we also offer the book in unbound sheets for bookbinders who wish to bind the book their own way. $40 for the book in sheets.

About Madam X
Nothing is known about Madam X. But you may visit her website:

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