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Woods Story by John Cutrone

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A miniature story in a miniature book, concerning the Wonderful that exists, often beyond our awareness. The story began with two intriguing lines in a letter sent to me by my old friend Mary Jo Barnett of Bluefield, West Virginia. In her letter, she was telling me what she found once when she and her brother Bill went off into the woods near their house. Mary Jo told her enchanting story in two sentences, and for this book, I took off from there to fill in the details between them.

Mary Jo was a great woman who moved to New York and graduated from Parsons Design School in her 80s. She would say, with great enthusiasm, "Well shake my hand!" every time she agreed with something you said. She agreed that this was a fine book. I still miss Mary Jo Barnett.

Printed letterpress from handset metal types in an edition of 85 on Arches Text Laid paper with a cover of handmade cedar or cattail paper (depending on our whim) in an exposed chainlink stitch binding. The illustrations were done by scratching the emulsion off of a negative with a pencil, then exposing the negatives onto photopolymer plates and printing them on the Vandercook. The book measures about 3 inches square. 12 pages, 1997.

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