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NEW! Linens & Textiles

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New for Summer 2021! Here you'll find our full collection of hand embroidered and hand printed tea towels, market bags, table runners and wall hangings, dolls and ornaments... and the embroidered protective face masks that began all this textile interest last year.

The hand embroidered tea towels are brand new and are all sewn by hand by my mom, Millie. She's 94 and just loves to sew these towels. Every bit of each sale goes to her (I figure it helps pay the debt I owe for all her patience raising me). She gets so excited every time we sell something she's made. To be 94 and start a cottage industry... this is part of what I love about my mom and I love to see her excited about new things.

The hand printed tea towels are by Kei & Molly Designs, a small woman-owned and operated company we love based in New Mexico. They are good people. We've been selling their DRINK CIDER towels for years, and are about to bring in more of their wares later this summer. Stay tuned. 

Last summer, we took a leap of faith and ordered a whole bunch of embroidered protective face masks from an extended family in Chiapas. Their traditional source of income had dried up with the pandemic, and they, being resourceful, shifted gears and began making what we all needed. The story of their situation moved me and so we supported them by buying what they made and you supported that effort, too. Now they've begun to shift back to their traditional hand embroidered wares and we're continuing to support them by bringing you what they make. You'll find their traditional Otomi embroidery on market bags and table runners and more. All these beautiful traditional items are made by their hands, in Chiapas, Mexico. You'll find other market bags here, too, that we've been selling for years: printed fabric from Mexico City and silk screened mesh from San Miguel de Allende.