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Hafi Swedish Lingonberry Preserve

Hafi Swedish Lingonberry Preserve

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Thanks to its Arctic climate, Sweden is home to some very interesting berries and some incredibly delicious preserves, too, and Lingonberry preserves perhaps is the king of them all. We think you'll find our new line of Hafi preserves a bit less sweet than their American counterparts... plus you'll never find berries like these in the States (well, maybe in Alaska).

Somewhat sweet and somewhat tart, Hafi Lingonberry Preserve is delicious as a condiment with savory meat dishes. Works equally well over ice cream or with whipped cream for a lovely simple dessert. This traditional and hugely popular Scandinavian jam is packed in a glass jar. 14.1 ounces (400 grams). Imported from Sweden.

Ingredients: Lingonberries (45%), sugar (35%), water (9.4%), contains less than 2% each of pectin, citric acid, and potassium sorbate (a preservative).

Hafi takes its name from "Hallands Fruktindustri" or, in English, Hallands Fruit Industry. The small preserves company, based in Brännarp, in Hallands County on the west coast of Sweden, was founded in 1938 by Karl Dellgren. Today, there are five generations of Karl's family running the business: it is run by the Bjurklint Family (Karl's grandson Hans and his wife Gunilla and their extended family) and some 40 employees.



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