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Leksands Tin Filled with Knäckebröd (Round Swedish Baked Rye Crispbread)

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Here's the best thing since sliced bread... and we are so excited to finally have these Leksands tins (we've been waiting for over a year)! Beautiful, functional... and we include TWO full package of our Leksands Swedish Traditional Baked Rye Crispbread with each tin: that's enough knäckebröd to fill the tin, and the tin will keep all that delicious knäckebröd fresh and crisp for a good long time.

Knäckebröd, or crispbread, is a staple of the Swedish Christmas smörgåsbord, but here at Convivio Bookworks we enjoy it every day with our breakfast. Made with wholegrain rye flour, spring water, yeast, and a pinch of salt, LeksandsKnäckebröd is prized for its flavor, good nutrition, and its ability to stay fresh and crisp for months and months (even years)... as long as it is kept cool and dry. It's delicious spread with something as simple as good butter, but can handle gravlax and cheeses equally well. It is perfect in its simplicity. Our favorite? We spread a bit of peanut butter on ours, and then drizzle lightly with molasses. (Although it must be said: after trying a bit of good Irish butter on our Leksands at lunch today, we may have a new in-house favorite!)

Sweden's favorite crispbread has a long history: Karin Jakobs began making crispbread in her home oven in Leksand, Sweden, in the 1880s with locally grown rye. Eventually she opened her own bakery. Six generations later, Leksands is still a family business. The recipe the family uses is that same simple recipe that Karin Jakobs used at the start, and the family still sources rye farmed as close to the bakery as possible.

These giant flat crispbreads are nearly 12" wide with a hole in the center. Serve them by breaking into pieces (unless you want to savor the fun of eating a crispbread that is the size of a dinner plate). Each package contains 14 oz (400 g) of knäckebröd; that is 4 delicious crispy knäckebröd per package, and we pack TWO of these packages into each tin, for the tin holds 8 knäckebröd perfectly (and we don't want you running out too soon).

Ingredients: Whole grain rye flour (97%), spring water, yeast, salt. Kosher. Allergens: wheat.

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