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Handmade Wooden Bunnies from Sweden

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Contemporary wooden bunnies, handmade in Sweden. Use them as small decorations for springtime and Easter, or use them as part of our Swedish Tea Light Candle Ring –– if you choose this option, we'll include small wooden pegs so your bunnies can fit into our Swedish Tea Light Candle Ring, which can be used in winter (with red and green fir trees) or spring (with these black and white bunnies).

Choose black, white, a set of two (which will give you one of each color), or the the tea light candle ring option (which will give you two of each color plus the small wooden pegs for use with the candle ring). You can also order the tea light candle ring here, which you will need, too, to complete the look. (So, if you'd like to have the complete candle ring with four bunnies, as shown in the photo here, you'll need to order both the Tea Light Candle Ring ($39) and the Set of 4 Bunnies for Tea Light Candle Ring ($29).

Each bunny is just about 3" long from nose to tail and almost 2" tall. The tea light candle ring, which is made from wood with metal cups for the candles, is 3" tall and 9" in diameter. All are handmade in Sweden.

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