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Our Lady of Guadalupe Altar

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This incredibly beautiful altar is made by hand for us by an artisan called Joaquin Garnica, who lives in Michoacan, Mexico. He paints, by hand, the iconic Virgin of Guadalupe image on a thick piece of solid wood and attaches a small shelf on which you may place a votive. The shelf and the space around Our Lady is studded with dozens of metal milagros. Beneath the shelf, more hand painted details in the form of leaves and flowers. There is a built-in hook in back for hanging. Colors will vary according the Sr. Garnica's whim, but will be very much like what you see here. Each is completely handmade, so no two are completely alike. Each is just about 18" tall x 5 1/2" wide. The votive shelf is 2" deep and all the wooden components are about an inch deep, so at its deepest point (shelf to wall), this piece is about 3" deep. Positively exquisite.

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