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Linens & Textiles, Handmade


$10 off your online purchase of $85 or more on everything in the store, plus FREE domestic shipping, too: Use discount code SLOWCHRISTMAS at checkout.

This deal is part of our mission to help you slow down and enjoy the approach to Christmas as much as you enjoy Christmastime itself. Take your time! Enjoy the seasons & the daily celebrations, each as they come.

Here you'll find our full collection of hand embroidered and hand printed tea towels, market bags, table runners and wall hangings, dolls and ornaments... and the embroidered protective face masks that began all this textile interest in 2020. The hand embroidered tea towels are all sewn by hand by my mom, Millie. She's 97 now and just loves to sew these towels; it's a tiny home based business Mom began at 94 years of age. Every bit of each sale goes to her. The hand printed tea towels, as well as the hand printed reusable cloth bags and compostable sponge cloths, are by Kei & Molly Designs, a small woman-owned and operated company we love based in New Mexico. The embroidered textiles from Mexico are all made by one extended family in Chiapas, while the printed bags with Day of the Dead themes come from Mexico City, and the screen printed mesh bags are from San Miguel de Allende.